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Our current status seems to be “taking the scenic route-” positioned somewhere along the asymptotic line of one particular project's total physical realization, pretty high up on the slopes, which is to say in a region that is defined by the beginning-middle-end of an artistic climax that occurs after threshold levels of expression and productivity are passed concurrently- yet at the same time intentionally separated, attempting to document with appropriately objective levels of approbation and criticism, living in the moment, keeping it real, etc.

The result is somewhere between procrastination and responsibly idle evolution, or, delaying gratification in favor of perceived or theoretically higher levels of future satisfaction/release. Again impulse v. counter-impulse. Taking longer to get there (where?); taking the scenic route.

The idea of the moment is this: living beings exert magnetic force and so have a magnetic field which flows around them, fluid-like, in a specific direction conducive to maintaining life. Illness is an indicator of improper flow, and by the specific positioning of beings with healthy magnetic fields (i.e. the “laying of hands”), the magnetic fluid of an ill person or animal can be restored to its proper flow.

This, as far as we can tell, is not actually the case. Bunko. A field of study completely truncated, relegated to the likes of faith-healing, folk medicine, quaint pseudoscience, the ideas of weirdos. Yet animal magnetism still exists as a pair of inseparable words (symbols). They still represent a concept, albeit one which historians and scientists, those entrusted with a certain documentation of human progress, agree is invalid and therefore worth no further investigation. In spite of this, the phrase remains true, remains valid as an object for as long as it exists within the structure of a language with definitive rules.

So it is that animal magnetism inevitably becomes a document of a certain human progress regardless, and in this form is again validated, again warranting further investigation, again open to interpretation, which is where we enter the picture.

“Wry Thing” rolls over from 4/4 to 6/8, manifesting twice in the last six months on arguably equal terms, hence the version presented here. “Headache” an exercise in lengthening motif across repetition (in this case thrice). “Holly” as companion piece to companion, more details to be revealed at a future date. “Free Born Natural” was recorded with a busted Harmony-brand acoustic guitar tuned from the standard EADGBe down one-and-a-half steps and comprises two identical yet discrete performances panned to either side of the stereo spectrum.

The day after, as I write this and we suit back up to address the bigger recording project at hand, I'm aware of yet other detours, other diversions, other runarounds ahead and behind. Or maybe they're just ways, paths, routes. In any case, this one has proven quite scenic indeed.

T.J. Masters
October 2014


released October 23, 2014

recorded at Gravesend Recordings, the Silent Barn, Brooklyn, NY
engineered and mixed by Julian Fader and Carlos Hernandez, Brooklyn, NY
mastered by Nick Carden, Oakland, CA
artwork by Stephen Rockwood, Brooklyn, NY



all rights reserved


Conveyor New York, New York

Conveyor is a band


  • Aug 30
    Fortitude Valley, QLD


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Track Name: Wry Thing
I can see now, that is, I'm seeing it
if it looks strange, trust me, it will be stranger yet
if I get moody and wretched and mean
will you come over and watch my TV?
will you come over and force feed me?

sure, I've been happy and I will be again
I've got some money and a few good friends
but I'll tell you what, there is no guarantee
the only thing I'm sure is uncertainty
the only thing I'm sure is happening is me

whatever you say
whatever you do
if any by day
whenever you're through, you've got to give it up

sure, I am and here and it's now, or isn't it?
is it always as it was, wasn't it?
but I told myself there was no guarantee
'cause when I'm ready to go I'm gonna leave

whatever you say
whatever you do
if any by day
whenever you're through, you've got to give it up
Track Name: Headache
impossible queen
you know what I’m thinkin
you know what I mean
like a headache you know I always take it easy

this isn’t anything like this to me
I’ve been so sure that I couldn’t be
how do you know I am actually?
like a headache you know I always come down

I want to make sure
did I hear you correctly?
I want to use it against you
like a headache I want to be crippling
Track Name: Holly
like the timeless hilo ever with me
ever wished I'd turned around and made good lookin' looks at you
spread of season, any season
any season’s affect is not that me

pick a round
pick a round to revisit, or visit first and then revisit
visitors will always have to leave


wake of spirit, no not really
not really believing he would ever show up and show you

pick a round to revisit, or visit once and not again
visitors will always have to leave

sweet, sweet you
you’re telling me to

queen of borough
I don’t mean to chide you
but if you let me ride you I can tell you all my horrible ideas
Track Name: Free Born Natural
long black hair I’m in a swiveling chair
open invitation to be served a simulation
open ended offer to the starting line
I make the jump between conviction and confined

at my worst I was as worse as I could be
at the gesture I was worse than understood
some are days and some are nights and I light a fire like I get it
I’m a free born natural

extra face and extra eyes and extra tourette’s on your inner cheek
fucked up tattoo and enormous breasts
I could pay you to make me feel better

summer days and summer nights and I play the part of al jardine
I’m a free born natural